• Meet Avani, Trans Activist

    Meet Avani, Trans Activist

    On Friday August 5th, the Florida Board of Medicine went against all scientific and medical protocols, as well as the lived experiences of transgender people, when they moved forward with rule-making that would ban gender-affirming care for Transgender youth. This is part of continued attacks on the Trans community by the Florida legislature over the […]

  • Meet Rajee, Trans Activist

    Meet Rajee, Trans Activist

    My name is Rajindra Narinesingh (RAJEE). I am a multi-racial 55 year-old Trans Woman of Color. I have been an LGBTQ Activist for about 25 years now. As a Transgender HUMAN BEING, even in 2022, I am always concerned about how I will be treated by people because of the hate and discrimination facing my […]