ACTION ALERT! Comment by 12/5/22

The public comment period for the proposed bans on gender-affirming care for trans youth in Florida are open until 12/5/22. We MUST get as much public dissent on the record as possible.

Here’s a few thoughts about making a comment:

• There are 2 proposed rules, 1 from the Board of Medicine and 1 from the Board of Osteopathy. The difference for them is that the Board of Osteopathy’s rule would allow youth participating in IRB clinical trials at FL Medical Schools to continue receiving non surgical GAC.

• It’s important we make individual comments here instead of using a template.

• Speaking from personal experience is always going to be most powerful when possible.

• Include a closing that indicates you are from Florida (such as “Sincerely, Resident of Miami, FL” etc).

• You do NOT have to complete the portion of the comment form that asks for identifying information, so feel free to skip that part to protect your identify. 

• If you need some facts, don’t forget there’s a great breakdown of the medical organizations who DO support GAC and good rebuttals for the BoM’s use of sham science in our open letter.

• Click “Send a one-time comment to the Agency” to submit a comment (must do this for BOTH rules linked below, #1 and #2)

Click these links to make your comments:

#1 – Board of Medicine’s proposed rule:

#2 – Board of Osteopathy’s proposed rule:

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