Share Your Story

We are seeking stories from Florida’s trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming young people, their caregivers and loved ones, and their healthcare providers to illustrate for Florida’s Board of Medicine why gender-affirming care is crucial to well-being.

On August 5th, despite overwhelming evidence that gender-affirming care is often life-saving, Florida’s Board of Medicine voted to create its own “Standards of Care” for transgender and gender non-conforming minors.

If adopted, these “Standards of Care,” will likely significantly limit or prohibit minors from being able to access gender-affirming care in Florida – even though their caregivers support it (minors have never been able to access this care without parent/guardian consent).

This has the potential to impact thousands of trans youth in Florida, their families, and their doctors. We believe this decision should be left to trained and informed doctors and the families they serve – NOT the state! 

These stories will be shared with Florida’s Board of Medicine and may be showcased online or referenced in campaigns to support access to gender-affirming care in Florida. Stories can be about how having access to gender-affirming care has positively impacted your life or the life of a young person you love and/or care for. Alternatively, you can also share stories about being denied access to this life-saving care.

The story must be true, but you do NOT have to provide your real name. Only provide your name if you are comfortable with public exposure; otherwise, feel free to use a nickname or pseudonym.

We are building momentum to support families’ rights to gender-affirming care!

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