Meet Rajee, Trans Activist

My name is Rajindra Narinesingh (RAJEE). I am a multi-racial 55 year-old Trans Woman of Color. I have been an LGBTQ Activist for about 25 years now. As a Transgender HUMAN BEING, even in 2022, I am always concerned about how I will be treated by people because of the hate and discrimination facing my community. Especially with us now being used as a political wedge. Trans people have fought so hard and been through so much for the few rights we have to now have people want to take them away from us. I would like to share with everyone on the Florida Board of Medicine a little bit of my journey.

I have experienced great discrimination and injustice. I have even experienced a few violent attacks by guys that targeted me for being Transgender throughout my life. From the age of four, the kids in the neighborhood were calling me “faggot,” when I was an innocent child just being myself. The bullying was relentless. Back then, being a queer kid in school was extremely difficult because of the lack of support in the school system.

Sometimes I think about all that I went through as a kid and I feel blessed that I was able to survive it. I know for sure if there had been a system in place to support a kid like me it would have saved me from a lot of the trauma I went through. Many LGBTQ children are not able to cope and some have even attempted suicide. Fortunately, all that I went through didn’t kill me.

When I speak publicly about being Trans and the issues we face in my community, I let people know that Trans people have a long history here on the planet and will continue to be born (I tell them to check out the book Transgender Warriors). I speak about the fact that there are Transgender creatures in nature. A number of different types of fish and oysters can change their sex during their lifespan. Worms have both male and female reproductive organs. Butterflies start off as caterpillars and then transition into such beautiful creatures. If it exists in nature, why would it not exist in some of us human beings? 

Despite all of the negative judgment, I have tried to walk with my head held high and worked to do positive things in this world. My goal is to leave the world better than I found it. To inspire people. I have been able to make my “mess” my message, and to use my lived experience for good. 

I am most known for my appearances on talk shows such as Dr. Phil, Trisha Goddard (TV series), Anderson Cooper, and about 35 other TV shows worldwide, where I discussed my experiences with black-market injections that were passed off as medical-grade silicone.

Because of the lack of access to medical resources and support, I ended up pursuing black-market injections and hormones that caused ongoing medical problems for me. 

I’ve also acted in a number of film productions, have released two singles (my most popular being the song “Stumble”), and have a memoir out called “Beyond Face Value.” And I appeared in seasons 2, 3 and 4 of the reality show “Botched” on the E! Network.

My focus is global activism, touching the world in positive ways, and spreading love in my own unique ways. My story is about one transgender woman’s incredibly blessed journey to an understanding of her true beauty, and the realization that she, too, has a divine place in this world. Trans people bring unique beauty to the world. Through my activism, I have worked to offer others a better understanding of the plight of transgender people. I have fought hard to try and make things better for generations that come behind me.

Everyone has experienced, at some point in their lives, the disapproval of their parents, or bullying at the hands of ignorance or discrimination. 

Trans people experience these things on such a greater level. I hope that the Board will take these issues into consideration when making decisions in regard to medical treatments and the well-being of our Transgender community. I implore everyone on the Board to please keep the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take in mind when making decisions.

Be well and Godspeed! Love, happiness, peace, good health, prosperity, and many blessings to all.

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